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The Flume Ride, a park cornerstone

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The Flume Ride has been popular at amusement parks and zoos all over the world for nearly five decades. Park guests typically board log-style boats and float along a water-filled trough. During the course the boats climb up one or more hills then plunge into an exciting drop ending with a pleasant splash. A Flume Ride is the perfect attraction for the entire family.

Hopkins will custom design its Flume Ride to fit any location and take advantage of the existing terrain. Hopkins Flume rides can feature:

Hopkins Rides - Log Flume Ride Hopkins Rides - Custom Designed Flume Boat Hopkins Flume Ride - Thrilling Drop
  • Traditional-style logs
  • Inline seating for up to four adults
  • Custom-style boats
  • Thrilling drop
Hopkins Flume Ride - Splash Landing Hopkins Flume Ride - Easy Straight Throgh Loading Hopkins Flume Ride - Conveyor Lift Hill
  • Exciting splash landing
  • Straight-through station
  • Easy conveyor belt loading
  • Reliable conveyor lift-hill
Hopkins Flume Ride - In Ground Trough Hopkins Flume Ride - Elevated Trough Hopkins Flume Ride - Low Maintenance Steel Supports
  • In-ground trough
  • Elevated trough
  • Rustic-looking timber supports
  • Modern, low-maintenance
    steel supports

Hopkins Rides patented water flow technology keeps the ride exciting from start to finish and will keep your guests coming back for more.

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